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November 4, 2021

HVP approved gifts for the ones you love this season

@Hudson Valley Parent received lots of products this year for their gift guide. Toys, books, yummy teas, and more, all tested by their staff. inPowered Lights is one of their top picks for your family and friends.

This light is beyond cool. When the lights go out, it goes on. I love this little lamp. It gives you regular light from the top and the base can be turned on to a multitude of colors. The lamp will give 16-24 hours of continuous backup light. It has a remote control which turns it on and off plus lets you change the colors of the base. It contains a USB port that charges mobile devices with or without electricity. You can even hook it up to your cell. They have other cool emergency lamps too. HVP (2021 Holiday Gift Guide)

inPowered Lights is a women-owned business dedicated to giving back to the community and donating a portion of its profits to organizations designed to help other women like them.

Want to read the full feature review? click here 👇

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