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Vertical Lamp

Check out our new Vertical Lamp coming soon. Perfect for any side table. Eliminates unsightly wires. Modern look.

Our Vertical Lamp is the perfect power outage solution for any desk or side table. Have comfort in knowing portable emergency lighting is right by your side.

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& Benefits

Just $179.00

16-24 hours worth of Emergency LED Lighting.

Keep your electronics charged, with or without electricity, by using the USB port connected.


Charge your mobile devices wirelessly using the base containing Qi technology.

Comes in three colors!

White, Black & Silver

Every home needs a lamp. So why not have one you can rely on, even in the most unexpected situations?


Charging Features

Charge your mobile devices with or without electricity.

Vertical Lamp’s innovative design features Qi technology in its base for wireless charging.


It also contains a USB port to provide you with multiple ways to charge your devices, with or without electricity.


Vertical Lamp is easy-to-use and designed for people of all ages!

Works With or Without Electricity

You'll never be without lights again.

Vertical Lamp uses Autolight Emergency Technology to ensure you will never be without lights again.


It does not need to be plugged into a power source for the LED backup lights to turn on.  


With the help of our technology, you’ll never go without being able to see during a power outage again! 

When the power goes out, Vertical Lamp’s LED lights will automatically come on!


Modern Design

Perfect for any home or office.

Vertical Lamp’s sleek and modern design make it appealing in any home or office.


Not only that! Our groundbreaking Autolight Emergency Technology provides you with reliability, convenience, and safety at all times.  

Vertical Lamp has a rechargeable emergency LED light which guarantees you with up to 24 hours of continuous backup lighting.

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