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Blue Coral Lamp

Where elegance meets reliability.

Just $119.99

Our Blue Coral Lamp is a first of its kind. This decorative lamp is here to provide you with more than just style- it's here to be your perfect and always ready solution to unexpected power outages. 

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Let Blue Coral's 
calming aura bring peace & beauty
to your home or office

USB Charging

Built in USB port.

Provides you with the ability to charge your mobile devices and other small electronics.


With or without electricity.

CLose Up Plug.jpg

The World's Only Lamps 
with Autolight Emergency Technology

With our Autolight Emergency Technology, you'll never have to worry about another unexpected power outage. This feature allows the lamp to detect when there is no more electricity, causing the LED base to automatically turn on. 


Features & Benefits

Just $119.99

  • USB port charges mobile devices with or without electricity

  • LEDs remain cool and last for over 50,000 hours

  • 16-24 hours of continuous backup light

  • Rechargeable LED emergency light

  • 6' clear power cord

Bring the soothing energy of the ocean home with 

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