Frequently asked questions

How do I charge the emergency backup battery?

You can charge the emergency LED battery backup lights by keeping the lamp plugged in when you have electricity.

How long does the emergency backup battery last?

The emergency backup lights last up to 16-24 hours.

When my electricity goes out, will the LED emergency backup lights automatically turn on?

In order for the emergency backup LED lights to automatically come on when the power goes out, you must make sure the LED switch is flipped to "on".

How do I submit design ideas?

In order to submit design ideas, you can contact us through the "Contact Us" page. We welcome any and all design ideas and look forward to hearing from you!

When I turn off my lamp with my light switch, the LED light automatically comes on. How do I fix this?

The goal of our lamps is to provide consumers with emergency LED backup lights when the electricity goes out. If your lamp is plugged into a switched (or half-hot) outlet, this may be causing your emergency LED lights to come on when you turn off the switch. This is because when the power in the outlet is turned off with the light switch, there is no more electricity going to your lamp, which is what causes the LED lights to automatically come on. To fix this, try plugging your lamp into another outlet. Or, if you do not wish to do this, try keeping the light switch that is connected to the outlet always on and use the switches on the lamp to turn it on or off. There is also a remote control and a smartphone app that comes with the lamp angel which both allow you to control the LED lights.

Can the lamp be operated entirely on battery?

You would have to fully charge the lamp, unplug it and the bottom base would light. Just make sure when you are charging the Toggle switch is set to ON.
You can control the bottom light with the toggle switch. You would have to charge the lamp again after 24 hours of continuous use

I received my Blue Coral Lamp and it is missing the harp and round glass ball for attaching the shade?

First, thank you for the purchase of the Blue Coral Lamp. Second, the harp and glass ball are packed on the side of the bottom Styrofoam packing piece. Please check and if not there, please contact us at info@inpoweredlights.com for a replacement. (See below for photos)