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Daily Candid News: Lamp Angel Changes Color AND Will Provide Emergency Lighting.

February 3, 2022, Editor's Daily Pick

What we loved by Evan Hosie:

The Lamp Angel From InpoweredLights is Perfect for a bedside table, kids and teens would go crazy for this because:

1. It has a fun color-changing base, operable with a remote or an iPhone app, you can match the lamp color to a room, say a nursery.

2. You can schedule the light to turn on and off, as needed until your little angels fall asleep with your smartphone.

3. there is a USB port where you can charge your phone with or without electricity.

4. It goes on when the power goes out, providing up to 16-24 hours of continuous backup light.

5. It's just $59.99

Want to read the full feature review? click here 👇

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