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with Autolight Emergency Technology

With our Autolight Emergency Technology, you'll never have to worry about another unexpected power outage again. This technology allows our lamps to detect when there is no more electricity running to them. Once no electricity is detected, the LED base will automatically turn on and provide you with emergency backup lighting!

Our Story

Our philosophy is to provide safety for every home and business by mobilizing the power of connectivity and the convenience of emergency backup lighting.

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"Very nice lamp to have beside the bed, especially for reading and overnight power outages. USB featured added bonus as well as color changing feature. The Lamp Angel is a winner!" 

— Linda M, Happy Customer


“I purchased a Lamp Angel for my 86 year old mother and love the fact that if the power goes out, she will be able to see to walk. Very comforting to know! A bonus... her cell phone will always be charged too."

— Gina D, Satisfied Customer

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New Products



Lamp Angel

Fun, color changing LED, emergency backup light great for people of all ages!


This shatter-proof acrylic lamp is perfect for any power outage, with some of its other features including a USB port and up to 24 hours of emergency LED backup lighting. 

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Stay Connected!

Our lamps give you the ability to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices when staying in touch is most important! All of our lamps come with a USB port or wireless charger attached.

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Empowering Women Everywhere

IPL is donating 1% of its profits to organizations that support female entrepreneurs and other woman-owned businesses!

We're always looking for new design ideas and business opportunities, click below to contact us.

Female Business Owners


Utilizing battery backup technology to power lights when there is no electricity. 


We are working on new modern designs with added abilities that make life easier.


Our products are there for you in a blackout or emergency- never leaving you in the dark.


We want to hear from you! Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


We are a certified woman owned company committed to helping women entrepreneurs!

We focus on designing and manufacturing innovative Battery Backup Decorative lamps. We will donate a portion of our profits to programs designed to help women.

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