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The Ultimate Power Outage Solution

Vertical Lamp is appealing and affordable emergency backup lighting that you can proudly display in any home or office!

We strive to provide you with safety, security and reliability at all times. Have comfort in knowing portable emergency backup lighting is right by your side.

  • Emergency LED Backup Lighting

  • USB Port

  • Wireless Charging Base

  • Sleek & Modern Look

  • Works With or Without Electricity

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More Than Just a Lamp

Vertical Lamp has a sleek and modern look that is designed to fit any home or office. Its base contains multiple charging features - a wireless charger and a USB port.

The main feature is its emergency LED backup light. Vertical Lamp works with or without electricity.

Our Autolight Emergency Technology allows Vertical Lamp to detect when there is no electricity so it can provide you with emergency backup lighting!


Never Worry About Power Outages Again!

Vertical Lamp works with or without electricity so that you're always prepared, even when you least expect it.

Vertical Lamp uses Autolight Emergency Technology to detect when there is no longer electricity.

Once no electricity is detected, Vertical Lamp will automatically turn on so it can ensure you are provided with safe and reliable emergency backup lighting.

It's convenient and easy to use. Plus, you'll always have the ability to charge your mobile devices and other small electronics!


     Emergency LED Backup Light     


In the event of a power outage, Vertical Lamp's LED light will automatically turn on and provide you with emergency backup lighting.

The emergency LED backup light can last up to 16-24 hours continuously (when fully charged).

Simply plug Vertical Lamp into the wall as you would any other lamp. The LED light is constantly charging while your lamp is plugged into a power source.



Charging Features

Never worry about how you'll charge your mobile devices in the event of a power outage again!

Vertical Lamp's innovative design offers you two charging options for your devices.

Its base, which features a wireless charger, contains Qi technology for safer and more durable universal wireless charging for smartphones.

Vertical Lamp's base also includes a USB port to charge your mobile devices and other small electronics.


     Vertical Lamp Comes in 3 Colors     

White vertical.jpeg


Black vertical.jpeg


Silver vertical.jpeg



Perfect for Any Home or Office

Vertical Lamp's sleek and modern design make it appealing in any home or office.


Vertical Lamp eliminates unsightly wires with the help of its 6' clear power cord, wireless charging base, and USB port.

Our groundbreaking technology provides you with reliability, safety and convenience at all times.

With an LED emergency light that is always charging while Vertical Lamp is plugged in, you're guaranteed up to 24 hours of continuous backup lighting.

You don't want to miss out on this!

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