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a. Information Collection

Our site collects and maintains names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. All of the information you provide is voluntary, however less information may limit some functions of the site. The data collected is used for internal marketing purposes. This data is valuable for the company and will help increase website functionality. 

b. Information Utilization

The information our company collects is used for shipping information in order to ship the products. Users must also provide their information in order to use customer support services, and anything pertaining to guarantees, returns, repairs, replacements, billing/payment issues, along with much more. Data collected will also be used for marketing purposes, which could include but is not limited to email updates. Our company does not sell or distribute user information to third party service providers. 

c. Sharing User Data

Our company does not sell or redistribute information about you. We will not disclose any personal data or messages with third party services.

d. Security 

Our company will take the necessary measures in order to protect the security of your data. This does not make us immune to cyber-attacks. Please understand sharing personal data comes at own risk.


e.  Storage and Maintenance of User Data in United States

All user data will be stored domestically. Our company complies with the law and your information may be shared subject to laws of the United States of America.


f. Changes to Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy is subject to change and should be re-visited semi frequently in order to stay up to date.  

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