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What Are Cookies?


Cookies are tiny files commonly used with websites downloaded from your computer in order to make your user experience as customized as possible. To learn more general information about cookies, visit the article on Wikipedia on HTTP cookies.

How We Use Cookies  


We use cookies for details mentioned above and below. Disabling cookies may limit some functions of the website. We recommend leaving on all cookies in order to stream line your experience. 

Disabling Cookies 


You may disable cookies in your browser settings. Doing so may limit some features offered on the website. Therefore, that is why we recommend not disabling cookies.

The Cookies We Collect


  • Email newsletter related cookies 


This site offers email newsletters that collects cookies if subscribed which may include exclusive offers to those who have subscribed. 

  • Processing orders related cookies


The e-commerce facilities offered on this site collect cookies pertaining to orders to ensure you order is remembered while browsing through pages in order to process the order properly.


  • Forms related cookies


When submitting forms through the contact us page, cookies may be stored for future reference. 

More Information

For any more information regarding our cookie policy, please contact us through email at

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