Blackout Lamp

The future of blackouts is in your hands. Coming soon.

Prepare yourself for unexpected power outages with our revolutionary detachable light technology. Detach the flashlight and take it with you anywhere you go. With the Blackout Lamp by your side, reliability and safety are within reach at anytime.

Innovative Technology

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Allow yourself to have less clutter by eluding the unnecessary flashlights, wires and risky candles.

Say goodbye to old fashioned flashlights and hello to our new Detachable Light Technology on the Blackout Lamp!

The detachable flashlight contains a rechargeable LED emergency light that lasts 16-24 hours. This will provide you with easy access to portable lighting in emergency power outages!

Blackout Silver.jpg
Blackout Silver.jpg

Features & Benefits

Just $99.99

Charge your electronics using the attached USB port, with or without electricity, or use the base containing Qi technology for wireless charging.

Comes in two colors!

Silver and Black

Blackout Black.jpg